Clean more effectively with dry ice blasting

Blasting with dry ice is a very popular cleaning method. It offers many advantages, even if the cost of purchasing the right equipment is comparatively expensive compared to conventional high-pressure cleaners. However, you save on maintenance and also enjoy a very high level of cleanliness with minimal risk.

How does dry ice blasting work?

Dry ice blasting works, purely from an external point of view, similar to cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner. Only with the difference that in this case the dry ice comes from the spray head and no air with high pressure. In order to achieve the desired effect, the dry ice is electrically charged in the machine, ejected via the spray head and evaporates immediately after it has been released. This has the advantage that it is possible to clean much more gently and thus minimize the risk of damage. This method also offers many other advantages:

  1. Gentle cleaning even of very sensitive materials
  2. Point-accurate cleaning
  3. Significantly more effective cleaning for all common materials

The dry ice blasting can be used on almost all common materials. Whether glass, or high-quality stone or metal – this cleaning method convinces by its versatility in practical use and can almost always deliver perfect results. The high acquisition costs are really secondary compared to the result and can be more than impressive.

Cleaner more effectively with dry ice blasting

This can be cleaned much more effectively and at the same time more gently with the method of dry ice blasting, has now been proven. The highlight is that the dirt is virtually blown away, but is nevertheless removed very gently by the rapid melting of the dry ice. This advantage makes the method usable even for highly sensitive materials. The devices are so practical and handy that even a mobile use is conceivable and can be carried out at any time. The method is not yet so widespread, but it offers so many advantages that it seems to be only a matter of time before it will finally prevail. Dry ice simply offers too many advantages for it to be used in sensitive areas but also in everyday life. It is precisely the high effectiveness that makes the method the optimal solution in many areas. Whether on large areas, or for the small and very important details – the method convinces in practice and offers enormous advantages in direct comparison with conventional methods.

The cost-benefit ratio for dry ice blasting

Of course, costs and benefits play a major role in any major investment in operational resources. With this method, the acquisition costs are comparatively high, and currently the chemical mixture for dry ice also has its price. But the benefits cannot be easily dismissed out of hand. The additional charge, which the customer usually has to pay for this type of cleaning, can be explained very well by m with an almost perfect result. In addition, the devices for this method are now very reliable and can withstand all the demands of ongoing operation without major problems. This further minimizes operating costs and increases returns. Customers will be delighted with the result and will continue to want this method of cleaning in the future.

Where can dry ice blasting be used?

Almost everywhere. This method is versatile and can be used in virtually any situation and delivers optimal results.

How much does dry ice blasting cost?

From the customer’s point of view, the method is a little more expensive, but offers many advantages and is much more effective. From an operational point of view, the costs can be recovered quickly.

When is dry ice blasting the best solution?

For detailed work, this method is probably the best choice and offers many advantages. Even in very sensitive areas, this method can be made much further.

Clean more effectively with dry ice blasting

This method offers many advantages and is now indispensable in everyday life. Especially for demanding work, this method can always convince and always delivers perfect results.