Thon Stone Bathroom

Thin Stone – for single walls and use in the bathroom

Thin Stone panels, which can be used for wall cladding in living rooms, but also dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms as well as in wet areas – are conventional slate blocks, which are split by hand into about 5 millimeters. It is an innovative technique that can produce plates that are 1.5 millimeters thick and are made by hand. The slate stone block, if this thin plate can be described as such, is provided with a liquid fiberglass carrier.

This is cured on the surface and with its help the wafer-thin rock layer is removed from the block. The fiberglass is ultimately also a decisive factor for the fact that the underside of the slate plate has a high degree of flexibility. Although the slate plate is not bendable around the corner or into a round to infinity, a curve of up to 5 centimeters is quite possible. This layer of slate, which is very thinly cut with a laser, can even be shaped completely three-dimensionally.

Good properties

Such wall cladding or floor cladding has excellent properties. For example, this product is extremely light and very flexible and offers a wide color spectrum with dozens of designs or decors. These products are based on excellent workmanship and a health safety of the products. The real stone surface of these products is also harmless to health and can be used in many ways indoors and outdoors and is therefore of high quality and worth its price. Thin stone is suitable for application to substrates such as wood, concrete, metal and tiles. Tailor-made laser cuts are also possible in the event that there are any niches in the apartment or house that should be filled. One of the characteristics of this type of wall cladding or floor cladding is that it has little abrasion and high resistance to environmental influences and a corresponding longevity. Showers – above the tiles – and the wet area in kitchens – on the wall behind the sink and the hotplates can also be covered with it. The advantage in these areas is above all that there can be no mold formation and grease deposit due to the non-existent joints. Look here:

Beautification of the business premises

Business premises can also be embellished with the help of this very thinly cut slate with a laser. In addition to the wet rooms, which are also accessible to visitors, this also applies to the lobby – i.e. the central area where guests or clients of the company or the practice are received. And even in tea kitchens of a company, this type of wall cladding should not be dispensed with. Thin stone is easy to clean and is insensitive to grease splashes and moisture and looks very natural, because it is also a very natural material, which is only slightly reinforced with a liquid fiberglass carrier. Nevertheless, the production method is sustainable.